Gestalt theory, remixed

Gestalt theory describes how we see. Fifteen years ago, our Gestalt series was the most popular we ever ran. For those of you who could use a refresher, or were in third grade and missed it, we’re running it again, improved. Current article: Equilibrium.

Our seven Gestalt terms are: Equilibrium, Continuation, Closure, Figure-Ground, Proximity, Similarity, Isomorphic Correspondence. The eighth installment was an overview of the basic theory. Each ran as a one-column sidebar and helped more than one reader pass some tough exams. If you can’t wait for our remixes, check out the original series in these seven print issues. Issues 15 and 16 are out of print, so you’ll be missing Proximity and Similarity.[rssless]

Equilibrium | Continuation | Closure | Figure-Ground | Isomorphic Correspondence | The Basic Theory[/rssless]

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